Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dessert Trip@ Shanghai

It is a Saturday afternoon where I met up with my GIP mates. We brought Melvin’s friend, Maxwell to walk around Wujiao Plaza (五角场) at Yang Pu District (杨浦区) to do some shopping for IT products. I am not so into IT so I am merely accompanying them to walk around the place.

We walked into this 塘皇甜品at 万达广场to have some desserts. Everything is pretty cool until the waitress processed a wrong order but the matter has been resolved quickly until I demanded my 汤圆核桃糊

The dumplings are delicious but the 核桃糊is too sweet and dry perhaps it is because the local like to eat very sweet dessert. I paid 16RMB (about S$3) for汤圆核桃糊.

I have uploaded more shanghai photos. You can access more china photos of mine here.

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