Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dessert Trip@ Shanghai

It is a Saturday afternoon where I met up with my GIP mates. We brought Melvin’s friend, Maxwell to walk around Wujiao Plaza (五角场) at Yang Pu District (杨浦区) to do some shopping for IT products. I am not so into IT so I am merely accompanying them to walk around the place.

We walked into this 塘皇甜品at 万达广场to have some desserts. Everything is pretty cool until the waitress processed a wrong order but the matter has been resolved quickly until I demanded my 汤圆核桃糊

The dumplings are delicious but the 核桃糊is too sweet and dry perhaps it is because the local like to eat very sweet dessert. I paid 16RMB (about S$3) for汤圆核桃糊.

I have uploaded more shanghai photos. You can access more china photos of mine here.

Meet up with Wei Yi

When Wei Yi reached back Shanghai after spending her Chinese new year in Singapore, we met up and arranged for a lunch meeting at El Willy Restaurant. It is located at some hidden place near Dong Hu Road. The restaurant is surrounded by a small garden beautified by small pots of plants and flowers and it gives a very “secluded” feeling which explains why it took us some time to find it.

I ordered a plate of sphatti with minced beef and the price is quite steep. It costs me 48RMB for that plate of sphatti and I have enjoyed the meal given the good ambiance of the place.

Besides the restaurant, a well-decorated garden with a Japanese board caught our attention. It is a small gift shop but i believe it is run by Japanese. The shop is filled with small little boxes. It shared the concept of Pandora Box in Singapore whereby they allow businesses to put their products for sales in the store. The name of the store is 牛心

Wei Yi, like other women, was happily looking for her apparels and accessories in the store.

You can access my other China photos at this link.

Friday, February 8, 2008

My Nanjing Trip

I spent my first Chinese New Year overseas at Nanjing, China. Fortunately, I have a friend in Nanjing who can bring me around some of the Nanjing renowned places for the next few days. I took some photos and videos when I was on the trip to 中山陵 and 灵谷塔. Both places signify the sacrifices made for KMT (国民党).

Picture of 灵谷塔

Video I took on the top of the 灵谷塔

Picture of 孙中上’s tomb at 中山陵

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CNY Fireworks for 4 hours!

Firework in Shanghai for 4 hours in Chinese New Year Eve! I took a short clip from my Shanghai home.