Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Neo Dimension

Guys, I have shifted to the new site: I am going for my graduation ceremony this coming Monday. Hopefully, a new site symbolize a new beginning of the next stage of life.

See you!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am this month featured blogger

I am this month featured blogger of BLOG2u. DK, thanks for recommending! Also, I would like to thank the founder of Blog2u - Paddy!

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Family, Friendship, Love and Oil

As I was researching on the oil industry, I found an ongoing campaign from SHELL (stock quote NYSE:RDS.A) – “Real Energy” which is promoting environmental awareness. The website contains print ads and TVCs (they are not exactly TVCs but more like short films). A typical integrated marketing campaign. I remembered seeing those films before (I guessed it was being screened in a cinema like advertisement). Anyway, what interested me is that they claimed that the films are inspired by true events.

“Eureka’ Film

It is a film about a Shell (stock quote NYSE:RDS.A)Engineer, Jaap Van Ballegooijen was given a task to improve the drilling system such that it can prolong the oil field at a economical level. As the story goes, Jaap has to strike a balance between his work and personal life (especially his son)……The film also gave a quick overview of the snake well drill created by Jaap in the show.

“Clearing the Air”

I kind of like this film as it encompasses many hidden emotions of the lead actor (name: Theo Bos) such as passion, love and friendship. So what is this film trying to tell? This film shows the adoption of GTL (Gas-to-Liquid) of natural gas. It is supposed to be cleaner and I supposed everyone knows that such fuel have actually been implemented. Taxi in Athens used SHELL(stock quote NYSE:RDS.A) GTL.

I think such initiative should be encouraged as pollution is really bad these days. However, I am really not sure how snake well drill can actually prolong the oil field. Any engineers can explain that, please drop me a comment. Thanks!

p.s. The real energy website is

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Water display @ Raffles City

A water display that shows different horoscopes

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My silbings' birthday celebration

This video is taken at our friend's house.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Entreprenuership in Singapore. Why not?!

I met up with MK (an old secondary school pal whom I have not met for a long time) yesterday at Mr Tea situated at SMU’s School of Information System. We had an interesting Men’s chat about personal life. As usual, men’s topic is always about money and business.

MK shared with me his plan of setting up a concept café at some private estate region in a central part of Singapore. His target market segment is the more affluent individuals who have the time and money to spend on more luxurious services and products.

All the items displayed in his café will be very unique arts pieces ranging from artistic portrait to uniquely-designed utensils which will be constantly updated to maintain the “freshness” of the café. If the customers like any of the items, they can buy it directly from the café.

I feel that his idea is very creative yet very viable as long as it is the correct location and the window dressing of the café place is beautifully done. I ask, “Why not? Go ahead and start your business.” For those who have heard many of such business conversations, I am sure you will know what kind of replies my old pal gave during the conversation. “No capital”, “no time” etc.

I am sure MK is just one of my many friends who want to start his own business. Many said that Singaporeans lack creativity and entrepreneurial spirit but I tend to see otherwise. Singaporeans lack the courage and determination to leave their comfort zone and pursue their dreams. I think we really need to do something to create awareness for Singapore’s entrepreneurship scene.

A couple of days ago, I received an email from Blog2u regarding on this campaign called “Why not?” organized by ACE (Action Community for Entrepreneurship). It is a contest that serves to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in Singapore. Participants in this contest can submit new ideas on how to (i) increase Singapore’s attractiveness as a place for business, (ii) nurture entrepreneurs of tomorrow or (iii) encourage innovative and competitive businesses. Contestant will simply explain their “Why not” ideas in less than 100 words and submit their entries online at this site: by 17July 2008. There will be more than $2000/- worth of prizes to be won in this contest. Visit the official site of ACE at

This advertisement is brought to you by BLOG2u (

Personally, I feel that Singapore government agencies are making good effort in building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Singapore. I believe that we should be supportive of such initiatives.

Monday, June 2, 2008

China Banking System

I wrote a report on the Chinese Banking system. Since i am currently in China, I have translated to Chinese. Hopefully, you guys understand what i am writing. The abstract is as followed.

"从计划经济到市场经济,中国经过一系列的改革。在这篇论文,我将讨论中国的银行体系。在中国银行体系改革之前,中国已积累了大量的不履约贷款(不良资产)。虽然中国政府已实施了几项措施,以减少不良资产,但这样的问题依然存在。截至于2007年年底,不良贷款总额为12700.0亿人民币,其中估计约6 %(不良贷款率)的贷款总额在银行体系。若以5 %的国际准则为标准, 6 %的不良债款相对而论是属“不健康水平”。

大量的不履约贷款的问题基本上归公于两大因素:(1)中国人民银行(People’s Bank of China, PBC)—中国的中央银行, 缺乏有效货币规划(2)国家经营的银行(State-Owned Banks, SOB)缺乏有效的贷款管理。"

I have shared my full report in google document. For Chinese report, click here. For english report, click here.