Thursday, April 12, 2007

Time Series Report

Oh man! Uncle Choy has finished marking our Times Series Report. That's fast! He commented that he can see all of us put in effort in this report and he is generally happy with the results. He also mention that all of us have good marks and the difference between one another are not really big. Erm...he is just trying to say that there is no outstanding team in this Time Series Report. Anyway although this is the second time that i didn't manage to succeed in my project in the semester, my favourite phase again "i didn't win but neither have i lose". I am not finding excuses for myself. To be able to do econometric or time series, i believe you need to have enuf experience in the field to be able to do a good job.

I think the failure of the report is not the method. I think Pin Ru, Francis and Xun Ning have handled it well. It is just the way we write it. I think we have forgotten Uncle Choy is different from Uncle Randolph. Uncle Choy is an extremely technical and particular person. He will pin point all the possible technical errors in your report even though your accuracy is good. Well Uncle Randolph is a very practical person. As long there is no fundamental mistake in method and accuracy is good for forecasting. Randolph's attibute is that "as long it works, who cares?!"

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