Monday, April 9, 2007

End of Year 3 Semester 2

Finally, no more business plan presentation and forecasting (haha...dream on! only for this semester!) Now, back to the all-time-favourite spooky building: Innovation Centre. I believe you guys are aware that I usually study over night for exam in the ghosty building of NTU. Luckily, haven't seen any casper at the time being but to be very frank, this place is quite scary especially you are alone in the office in the night time(especially when you are walking along the corridor to the toilet and you hear nothing but only your foot steps!)

Nevertheless, it is a quiet place to study. I still remember last semester that I have to spend the whole night at innovation centre looking at computer to do the Applied Econometric. Really amazed by my determination! Perhaps the availability of online entertainment website: YOUTUBE! A big Thank you to Chad Hurley and Steve Chen for the founding of Wanna know more about youtube and its future? Below is the interview of the founders with Charlie Rose(Charlie Rose is an American television show that interviews well-known thinkers, writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers, business leaders, scientists, and other newsmakers).

Also, youtube has provided me a mean to search for very old Cantonese Pop MTV. I hope that my generation group of friends still remember the movie "Young & Dangerous"?! I alway fond of its movie themes. I like Jordan Chan and Ekin Cheng in this movie especially part 3. I still remember the sadest scene of the show is when hao nam see xiao jie ba being shot to death in front of his own eyes! Below is the classic song for this scene of Young & Dangerous III. Enjoy and standby your tissue paper!

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