Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Family, Friendship, Love and Oil

As I was researching on the oil industry, I found an ongoing campaign from SHELL (stock quote NYSE:RDS.A) – “Real Energy” which is promoting environmental awareness. The website contains print ads and TVCs (they are not exactly TVCs but more like short films). A typical integrated marketing campaign. I remembered seeing those films before (I guessed it was being screened in a cinema like advertisement). Anyway, what interested me is that they claimed that the films are inspired by true events.

“Eureka’ Film

It is a film about a Shell (stock quote NYSE:RDS.A)Engineer, Jaap Van Ballegooijen was given a task to improve the drilling system such that it can prolong the oil field at a economical level. As the story goes, Jaap has to strike a balance between his work and personal life (especially his son)……The film also gave a quick overview of the snake well drill created by Jaap in the show.

“Clearing the Air”

I kind of like this film as it encompasses many hidden emotions of the lead actor (name: Theo Bos) such as passion, love and friendship. So what is this film trying to tell? This film shows the adoption of GTL (Gas-to-Liquid) of natural gas. It is supposed to be cleaner and I supposed everyone knows that such fuel have actually been implemented. Taxi in Athens used SHELL(stock quote NYSE:RDS.A) GTL.

I think such initiative should be encouraged as pollution is really bad these days. However, I am really not sure how snake well drill can actually prolong the oil field. Any engineers can explain that, please drop me a comment. Thanks!

p.s. The real energy website is

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