Monday, May 5, 2008


Time flies. I have spent 4 years in NTU and it is about time for graduation! I will be flying back to Singapore this coming june(hopefully, maybe i will travel to other places of China or ASEAN countries to meet up with old friends that i got to know during ASEAN INDIA TRIP 2007). Haha! I believe the graduation ceremony in Jul will be filled with joy and excitement. I can imagine all my HSS course mates in graduation gown.

I am certainly looking forward for that moment! It marks the end of my studies life (i think i am already very old to study again! haha! unless there is somebody willing to sponsor me to go for a MBA. hehe!) and the beginning of the next stage of my life - WORK!! Haiz...this has been another worry that i have in mind. Despite the fact that i have offers, i am still sourcing for better alternatives that can fulfill my objectives. I won't want to take up a job that i don't see any growth potential or simply i don't have interest in. In another words, i am still "jobless"!!

Hey guys! if you have any job opportunities that you wanna share with me, please feel free to drop me a note here! I am actually looking for investment firms that are specializing in equity funding. you can view my CV here.

p.s. I am really glad to know Ridz, Tian Hong and Kelvin. Their involvement in my life have certainly helped me one way or another in mapping my career path. There are simply too many industries that i had interest with. However, i see my strength in business analysis. Thus, i would like to focus on my core competency in this area. Guys, thank you so much!


Snam Profile said...

haha no prob. same here i dunnoe what i'm doing either but i really really want to own some business. haha that's all i know

Daphne said...

ww!! :) how are u? :) heehee.. congrats on ur graduation.. haha finally :)

Neo said...

Thanks guys!
Tianhong, I am looking forward to start a tech-based business too! However, i have my worries as i realized i don't have much hard skills to offer. Thus, i am thinking of working for 1 or 2 years to gain some business experiences.

Daphne, you are one hot babe that i have not been seeing for a long time! Yes, I am graduating! Finally!! haha...I will certainly contact him once i reach back Singapore.