Monday, October 29, 2007

Next generation of social community

Bluepulse, a free mobile social messenger, has released its new mobile social messaging platform.

The Bluepulse executives introduced new feature of mobile Friending, a combination of messaging capabilities that enable users to build out their circle of friends through their own trusted network on their mobile devices.

In addition, the platform includes a host of features that allow users to communicate with their network of friends and colleagues. The company added that users can make introduction, send emails, text messages and they can also share profiles, pictures and videos using the new mobile social messaging platform.

Founder and CEO of Bluepulse, Ben Keighran, said the company is introducing the next layer of social networking functionality for the mobile phones with this new release.

“Making our platform available through the mobile browser means more people can use Bluepulse. We have built an accessible next-generation messaging application, which allows our users to easily stay connected with their friends, families and co-workers,” Keighran said.

“Whether it's making plans on the fly or sharing their latest photos while on vacation, Bluepulse lets them do it all from a single interface on the device they always have with them,” Keighran said.

San Mateo, California based Bluepulse is a privately held mobile social media company. Last year, the company had introduced a game changing networking application, which works on most internet enabled phones around the world.

The company informed that since the company’s beta release in December 2006, Bluepulse has been downloaded close to three million across 160 countries. Keighran added that Bluepulse is well-positioned to be the major player in the mobile social networking space.

Anshu Shrivastava is a contributing editor with TMCnet.

Source - TMCnet

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