Friday, July 6, 2007

Oh my god! How come Optimus Prime become like that?

Oh man! Guys, You should come and have a look of this! This is really an Art work! Crazy ang mo but I appreciate their creativity! I like the costume of "optimus prime" especially when he transforms to a truck! So far, I think that's the best among all of them. But, how come there is no bumble bee?! What a pity!

About the movie is a boy's movie! Pretty babes, big guns and robots! Not too sure about how the ladies feel about the show? but one thing for sure, the ladies like our cute yellow bumble bee.

The story line of movie sticks closely with the G1 genre of the "Transformer" original. The movie focuses on the story of high school student Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) so it is pretty and his desire to own a car. Sam’s dad has promised he’ll help buy him his first car if he can raise some cash on his own and if he delivers a report card studded with As. Sam's so anxious to own a car that he even resorts to using eBay to try to sell some of his great-great-grandfather’s possessions which the famous explorer used while making an important discovery in the Artic.

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